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LEATHER ACCESSORIES original and handmade with a unique style

de’qua is the brand of the designer and architect Jürgen Gebauer

Since 1986 Jürgen Gebauer designs and produces high quality, individual leather products and accessories for his brand de’qua.He designs a complete range of leather accessories around the modern woman and a small range for men.

The production of goods is carried out according to the approved design motto “form follow function” but with the supreme principle of “individuality and recognisability” in expression. This makes the design of de’qua unique and always timeless.All products are exclusively designed by Jürgen Gebauer and the production is handmade by the de’qua team based in Germany. 

The designs for numerous combinations of leather using of patterns, colors and color combinations are performed by the de’qua team. Cowhide from Europe is mainly used for the production process, although genuine ostrich, crocodile and snake leather are also used for premium products. Particular attention is paid to the origin of the leather. Leather is only used from breeding farms with proof of origin and welfare rearing farms like those in South Africa.

De’qua always keeps an eye on the quality of the leather and collaborates closely with two Italian tanneries. We carefully proof the light fastness, abrasion resistance and dirt protection of the leather thus guaranteeing a long life for leather accessories.Exceptions to the high light fastness are porous, soft Napa leather. These are only capable of a light fastness of 80%. This leather should not be exposed to direct sunlight in a show case because they can show discoloring after a while.

All components such as clasps, buckles and other metal accessories are well chosen and have the same high quality as the base leather material. With diversity of crafted leather styles and combinations the accessory becomes absolutely unique with an individual look and feel for everyday use. Each leather accessory which de’qua produces has a service guarantee for repair in case of wear or heavy use, no matter where and when this product was acquired.

This guarantee shall remain valid as long as de’qua exists.

Awards: - The Association of Crafts (Germany) and the Design Center Linz (Austria)


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